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Tension Settings | 14k Gold Tension Set Rings: TR-193 Diamond, & gemstones in tension set ring are 40+ years "popular" as engagement setting & also as anniversary ring 65 to 95 pounds pressure. The tension set ring concept is more than 40 years old. More than 50,000 tension setting/tension set diamond rings have been sold. Our tension set diamond rings are manufactured by Gelin and Abaci (G.A.I.) and not by Steven Kretchmer. There have been no known diamond losses due to design or craftsmanship of tension set ring. Every tension set ring is closely inspected to ensure it meets the high standards. Each tension ring is custom made for a specific diamond size and finger size. Each tension product is manufactured with special alloys with a sophisticated technique which enables the metal to retain its memory. Tension set products have anywhere from 65 to 95 pounds pressure on the center stone.

Tension Set Advantages: Tension setting is a unique means of showing and selling loose diamonds. Tension mounting is the best method of showing a stone's brilliance. It can enhance the color as much as two grades.

Tension Set Safety: Tension setting is considered to be safe or safer than a four-prong setting. With more than 50,000 units sold, there have been no known diamond losses due to tension set design or craftsmanship.

Tension Set Stone Pressure: Depending upon the style tension setting has anywhere from 65 to 95 pounds pressure on the center stone.

Tension Set Stone Sizes: Tension products have been manufactured for stone from 0.10 carats to 8.0 carats.

Stones That Can Be Tension Set: Stones with hardness of eight and up can be set in a tension set ring. Stones below hardness of eight like tanzanites cannot be tension set. Rubies and sapphires as well as diamonds can be tension set. Any stone with surface fracture is not suitable for tension set mounting.

Stone Mounting in Tension Set Products: Due to special memory in tension products all stones mounted in tension set products have to be done by us (no exceptions). Any adjustments to tension set ring has to be done by us (no exceptions).

Delivery Time: Please allow 10 working days for gold tension products and 14 working days for platinum tension products once we receive your stone.

Metal Options: Tension products are available in 14K Yellow and White Gold; 18K Yellow and White Gold; Platinum and Platinum 18K Gold.


LATEST AWARDS: Highest Awards - Named "Best Ring Design" by JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards 2013. Tension Setting: Page 1 2 3  More Tension Set Ring Settings Next Page

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Tension Setting Diamond Wedding & Engagement Ring Set in Platinum

The sweet Gumdrop ring with a round brilliant by Chris Correia has a curvy band with diamond


Contemporary High Quality Designer Blue Pink Yellow Designer Tension Set Tension Set Rings

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Things You Should Know: About Tension Settings and Selecting the Right Diamond

Tension Set Concept:

Tension Concept: There are four tension set companies in the world that manufactures tension set products, Gelin Abaci is one of the two companies in the United States. Gelin Abaci is considered the largest manufacturer of tension set diamond rings in the world. Tension set concept is more than 40 years old. Latest Awards - Highest Awards - Named "Best Ring Design" by JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards 2013. View Details.

Tension Settings:

A tension setting is a unique process used for a ring, pendant, or earring that holds a gemstone in place by applying pressure.

What Is A Tension Setting?

The spring loaded metal in a tension setting has small etchings/ grooves to the metal creating a seat or cradle like action for the gemstones edges to lock into place. This creates the appearance that the gemstone is floating.
Tension Mounting: A tension setting allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the center stone creating extraordinary brilliance superior to all traditional settings.

How Do Tension Settings Work?

In-order to make a tension setting GelinAbaci must work to harden the metal, employ special alloys, and pressure treat the metal to create the superior strength that is required for the spring loading process to occur. GelinAbaci tension settings are manufactured in 14k, 18k, and 950 platinum. GelinAbaci has the largest selection in tension settings in the world. Each tension setting exerts from 65 to 95lbs of pressure per millimeter which equates to 12,000 pounds per square inch on a diamond or any other gem stone. Any gemstone with a hardness of 9 or above on the Mohs hardness scale can be tension set.

What Makes Tension Settings Unique?

There are several differences in tension settings compared to traditional settings (prong settings, bezel settings, etc). One of the main differences is that a tension setting is custom tailored to each individual's style of choice, center diamond size, center diamond shape and finger size whereas most other settings are already constructed and manufactured.GelinAbaci uses a scanning device to identify the exact places where pressure has to be applied on the stone.Tension settings are crafted and calibrated to the exact detailed measurements of the gemstone that it will be holding.GelinAbaci tension settings can be sized a ? size larger in most cases. This process reassures that customer's can keep their customized piece perfectly fit even if they may experience weight fluctuation after their purchase. Sizing program options are available if a larger or smaller size adjustment is required (contact an authorized GelinAbaci jeweler for details).A tension setting shows off the beauty of the center diamond at its best!

Tension Setting vs. Prong Setting?

There may be some conflicting perspectives on security when looking at buying a tension setting. It's OK! It's normal. GelinAbaci tension rings are at least as safe or safer for your diamond then traditional four and six prong settings.To answer the question, "Is my diamond secure in my tension ring"? The answer is YES!It is highly unlikely for someone to lose a stone in a tension ring, as they are constructed using a spring loading effect from the customized metal choice in which weakening cannot occur.Prong settings can snag on clothes and other objects leading to the loosing and weakening of the prongs over time and use. This allows heavy maintenance of prong settings often and replacement periodically. Tensions settings allow for less maintenance. Prong settings only apply 6-8 pounds of pressure (per prong) to the stone to keep it secure where tensions settings apply more than three times that amount.It can be said that yes, both prong and tension settings have to be exposed to a tremendous amount of high impact and or accidental damage from day to day wear and tear to affect the stone. Prong settings can be exposed to high impact and suffer a greater effect of losing a stone because the prongs need to be replaced. Tension settings do not have to be replaced like prongs, unless there are damages to the tensile strength (memory of the metal) which makes it highly unlikely for customers to lose their diamonds or gemstones.

Tension Set Manufacturing

Tension set ring settings in platinum & gold (yellow & white gold) are manufactured with special alloys by a sophisticated technique which enables the metal to retain it's memory. Depending on the style, tension set products have anywhere from 65 to 95 pounds pressure on the center diamond. TR-300 is a piece of art at its finest moment. This signature GelinAbaci tension set piece is engulfed in diamonds to where it highlights the attributes and inner beauty of any person who wears it. Available in platinum and gold( 14k, 18k, white, yellow, and rose). This timeless piece is truly customizable for your wants and heart?s desire.  Its mysterious shape and appearance makes this popular piece sought-after by many.  TR-300 has 0.86ct side diamonds(172 total stones), tension set optimally reflecting the center diamonds brilliance and fire. Loved by many, TR-300 has been voted JCK jewelers choice for ?Best Ring Design?. View Details.

Tension Set Products Safety

Every tension set product is individually and meticulously crafted using the most advanced technologies, machinery and careful quality control. Each represents a feat of engineering, an accomplishment in design, a victory for advanced metallurgy as applied in jewelry. View Details.

Safer Than A Prong Setting

Tension products are considered to be safe or safer than four prong setting (prongs can get loose). View Details.

Metal Options | Center Stone

Tension Set Metals: Tension set products are available in 14K yellow or white gold; 18K yellow or white gold; platinum and 18K yellow white gold & platinum. View Details.

Tension Set Center Stone Sizes: Stones with hardness of 8 & up can be set in tension ring settings. Any stone with surface fracture is not suitable for tension mounting. Rubies and sapphies as well as diamonds can be tension set in ring settings. Tension set products have been manufactured for stone sizes from 10 points (0.10 carat) to 8 carats. View Details.

Tension Set Center Stone Shape Options: Tension set products are mostly made for round and princess cut diamonds (square). Tension set products are also manufactured for marquise, pears, trillion, radiant cut, & octogon diamonds. View Details.


GelinAbaci Tension Care:

GelinAbaci provides necessary care through our authorized jewelers located on our web site at www.gelinabaci.com. All major servicing should be performed by GelinAbaci including:
  • Sizing
  • Laser welding a  matching band- this process is used to join the matching band to the tension ring
More information is available in our Tension Care section.


CLEANING -GelinAbaci Tension Jewelry designs will retain their brilliance and beauty through normal wear. To ensure longevity and beauty, we recommend the following:Use a soft cloth or chamois to maintain the luster of your Gelin Abaci Tension jewelry (ring, pendant, earrings etc.).To optimize the beauty of your Tension Jewelry we recommend a professional cleaning and service at an authorized GelinAbaci dealer once a year. SERVICE -Due to the unique characteristics of Tension settings, they can only be serviced through authorized GelinAbaci jewelers.  Having your Tension ring serviced by anyone other than Gelin Abaci will void the warranty.For details regarding Tension sizing, please contact a GelinAbaci authorized dealer.
CLEANING -GelinAbaci Amor? Jewelry designs will retain their brilliance and beauty through normal wear. To ensure longevity and beauty, we recommend the following:Use a soft cloth or chamois to maintain the luster of your Gelin Abaci Amor? jewelry.To optimize the beauty of your Amor? Jewelry we recommend a professional cleaning and service at an authorized GelinAbaci dealer once a year.
Get Her To Say ? I Do? With A GelinAbaci Tension Setting
This Guide is for YOU! It simply takes each ?bride and groom to be? to a starting point of the most important process of his or her life.Engagement Ring GuideThe first process starts with the following:

How Much Should I Spend?

Knowing how much to spend can be a tough situation for any groom. Here are some questions you can ask yourself: 1. Can I afford it? ( on average consumers spend three months salary on their engagement ring)2. Will she Love it? (You have to go beyond ?like it? as your choice is going to reflect her and so it should be perfect.Wedding bands for the Bride and Groom
In addition to the unique Tension Collection, GelinAbaci offers wedding bands made with exquisite design and craftsmanship. Exclusive designs include hand-woven styles carefully for that special someone, variations of gold and platinum, & beautiful set diamonds bands showing off your expression of love -

Choose Your Jeweler:

GelinAbaci has numerous locations (U.S.A and Canada) to help you find that perfect ring. To find a jeweler in your area, please visit our Jewelry Locator section.

Proposal Stories:

When you register your tension setting you have the option of showing the world why you chose that special someone and how it all began? 

(Proposal stories may be publicized in other GelinAbaci media)

Ring Sizing Questions

Can these settings be done in quarter ring size increments? Yes. We can do quarter ring size increments. Details.

Tension Set Matching Bands

Do you have tension set matching bands? Yes. We can make them on request. E-mail us at support@sndgems.com for questions & prices. We can make a matching band for every tension set ring shown on our web site. Call us at 800-871-1066 to know more about tension set matching bands. We don't have pictures for every matching band. To look at an example Click Here.

Shipping Questions

Can these rings be shipped for next day? No. Normally tension rings are made to order and takes anywhere from two to three weeks. In special cases we can do it in a week. View Details.

Loose Center Diamonds

If you're interested in buying loose diamond for tension set ring, you can browse through our collection of GIA diamonds. View Details.

Return Policy

If you decide for any reason that it is not right for you, you can return it to us within 30 days for a refund or replacement. View Details.

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